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Whether you work at a primary school or university, a playgroup or an after-school club, Argos is a great place to get the great many things your organisation needs. From tablets to footballs, microwaves to play sand, 1000s of customers already benefit from accessing over 25,000 items from one supplier using their free Argos Business Account.

Being able to source so many products is just one benefit. Extended payment terms, a discount of 2% on all your purchases plus a simple way to manage your account means its even easier to get the items you need, and from using fewer suppliers.

Our invoices make VAT reclaim simpler as well, thanks to it’s line-item detail. And for ease of use, you can choose to get an invoice per order or a weekly consolidated invoice.

Need to issue cards to colleagues to consolidate your purchasing and keep control of overall spend? No problem, issue as many cards as you like, spread the credit or issue individual ceilings. It’s up to you.

Use your card in any of the 40 Argos stores across the Republic of Ireland. Check and reserve items at argos.ie to ensure no wasted trips.

It’s quick and easy to apply for a free Account for your organisation, so get started today and help your establishment buy better.

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Other Ways We Can Help

We can do more than just supply a replacement kettle for the staff room, or equip a playroom. For example, if you’re trying to incentivise attendance or reward good behaviour, why not use Argos Gift Cards as an easy convenient way to provide a prize or gift?

Argos Gift Cards are the perfect way to reward, motivate and inspire…and with around two thirds of the UK population already shopping with Argos at least once a year, you’re sure to be offering them a reward they really want. Choose from eGift Cards sent straight to their inbox, or use physical Gift Cards when you want to make a fuss of handing over a prize or reward. Either way, our Gift Cards are ready to spend as soon as they are received.

The perfect instant reward.

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