Councils and local authorities up and down the country are facing up to the reality of doing more for less. That means every public-sector department is being tasked with making its budgets go further, while trying to simplify the admin load on busy staff.

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For anyone who is responsible for a budget, saving time and money on all your purchases really makes a difference. And that is where our free Business Account comes in. Hundreds of councils are already getting access to over 25,000 items from Argos, whilst reducing the number of suppliers they are using. Saving time on reconciling all those invoices for your finance team too.

So whether you need one card per department or one per colleague, authorise whoever you choose to purchase what they need from Argos, without creating a trail of unnecessary extra paperwork. And with great prices plus a 2% discount on everything bought on the Account, you’ll be able to make your budget go further too.

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Not Just For Offices

Many local and district councils already rely on Argos to help save money on a wide range of items when equipping their premises. But you might not know we’re also making it easier and more cost-effective to distribute products or grants to individuals in need.

Argos Gift Cards – physical or electronic – are used by many adult services, children’s services, charities and other areas involved in management of welfare-related funds. So if you don’t want to stock, store or deliver physical products yourself – using Gift Cards enables beneficiaries to arrange pick-up or delivery of their items when it suits them best. And with Argos eGift Cards, you can send them straight to their inbox and they’re ready to spend instantly. Perfect for those emergency situations when you need to get items to those in need fast.

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